For Anjana Vedic astrology is a calling, a way of life for her which she embraced wholeheartedly as her soul’s path decided by the Divine. Trained to be a dietician Anjana was introduced to Vedic astrology at the age of 36. Her interest in this amazing discipline only kept growing and she not just imbibed knowledge of Astrology but also learnt about Palmistry and gemstones and gained command over it.

She feels that every soul that takes birth on this Earth has a divine purpose and since her’s is to guide them along their assigned path, Anjana tries to incorporate her knowledge as a dietician into the astrological remedies that she provides. Her remedies are not just the conventional traditions mystical and spiritual rituals but easy-to-follow solutions that are suited to the modern lifestyle.

Anjana has been practicing
astrology for the last 26 years and most of her predictions not just for her clients but also about the country and world, in general, have come true.

Anjana offers both in person and online consultations. For those interested, she will soon be starting online classes on various subjects.

Director -Nu Vision Astrology,(P.J.K.S. NGO)
ABHM National Vastu and Astrologer conuncler 25Year Experience
Medical Astrologer; Pam Reader, Media Spokesperson, Vastu, Number Game, Taro-Card Reader.

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